Parametric neutralizations studies


The first work of the studies is Parametric neutralization studies. De Delás proposed to me to make a work for orchestra.  The work was premiered at the XXIII Encontres in the Auditory of the Superior Conservatory of The Balearic Islands, thanks to Matías Far, in January of 2003. The premiere was interpreted by the Palm of Mallorca Orchestra directed by Daniel Tosi. It was composed between December of 1999 and April of 2001.

Parametric neutralizations   studies premiere recording

This work starts from the idea of the signification space. The signification of a parameter is determined by another parameter.  In each fragment of the work a certain parameter is the most determinant, remaining the other ones neutralized, that is to say, meaningless.  The signification space is a logical function that allows changing the signification of a parameter according to another one.

Score; the second page of  Parametric neutralizations studies with annotations from the author.

The signification space allows the interdefinition between parameters and therefore that a parameter can be, in each moment of the work, the determinant of the other ones. Getting an overall result in which is difficult to establish a central parameter. To neutralize a parameter is to get that such parameter stops being perceived, although it continues being there. Scelsi, Ligeti, or Feldman are composers that have experimented with the neutralization of certain parameters utilizing static or undifferentiated modification with an aleatory or not recognizable pattern. See my book Towards an Aesthetics of Cognitive-Parametric Music for more detailed explanations.

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