Parametric modulations studies

The second work of the studies is Parametric modulations studies, for trio (percussion, clarinet, and cello), which was premiered October 28, 2009, at the IV Smash Festival in Salamanca by the Contemporary Music  Interpretation Workshop of the Superior  Conservatory of Salamanca directed by Javier Castro. The first version of the score was published in the journal Quodlibet as a separata. It was composed between November 2001 and January 2004.

Premier video recording

This second work is to study and improve the concept of parametric modulation used in the previous one,  expanding the number of possible ways to perform parametric modulations. Its starting point is the analysis of the concept of traditional modulation. This work researches the concept of modulation applied to parameter scales instead of pitch scales.

In every modulation, there are 4 elements involved, first, a parameter to modulate, e.g. pitches, two organized hierarchies by that parameter.  E.g. two scales. And finally, a common element or transition strategy to move from one to another (for example, a common chord to both tonalities) that may not exist. The concept of modulation has been applied not only to the pitches in music… Stockhausen, referring to the work Telemusik, defines modulation as the transition among passages with different characteristics. In this study, starting from the concept of parameter scales, I generate a process of modulations among parameter scales. But also, this work has a directionality. The work begins establishing a clear relationship among the determinations that little by little disappears.  In the end, the work ends up in a kind of parametric serialism in which none of the 4 parameters dominates the other ones.

The first page of the handwriting of Parametric modulation studies with analytical annotations from the composer.

A parametric modulation is a process by which a certain parameter is no longer the determinant and becomes neutralized, taking its role a different  parameter.

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