. Horror Vacui

Sankt Pölten version. Premier of the work Audio Mostly 2022 conference

. Collaborametrum

Tokyo Version for the AIMC 2022 Conference

. Transcognition II for computer and improvised accordion

Evo 2021,  Manca Dornik video and improvised accordion

. Sound stains Performance 2010 version

November 2016 tabacalera version

. Three Chants for Computer
Final mixdown with Pro Tools.

. Cognitive dissonance
Final mixdown with Pro Tools.

. End Game

End Game ´s video premier.  Interpreted at Piano by Javier Castro.

.Parametric modulations studies

Work´s premier  given at IV  Smash International Festival. 20 october 2009.

Interpreted  by Contemporanean Music Interpretation Workshop of the Superior Conservatory of Salamanca, directed by  Javier Castro. Miguel Repiso  clarinet, Lucía Peña  violoncello and  Oscar Martín and Pablo Reyes on percussion.