Composer and creator dedicated to experimental music, instrumental music, electronic music,  live electronics, and sound installations.  He studied composition with José Luis de Delás and received musical training in workshops with composers, analysts, and interpreters around the Music School of Alcalá de Henares University, the LIEM or the GCAC. He studied Electronic Music around LIEM courses, especially with Emiliano del Cerro. Busevin is a pseudonym of  Fernando Egido Arteaga.


SID 2015 Conference Poster

His work “Three Chants for Computer” was selected and premiered in the call for works of the SID 2015 Conference (Sound, Images, and Data) that took place in the New York University Steinhardt in July 2015. His work “Cognitive dissonance” was premiered in December 2014 in the II INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SOUND AND AUDIOVISUAL SPACES: SENSORIAL EXPERIMENTATION AND ACTIVE LISTENING. JIEM 2014 – 20th COMPUTER AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC,  awarded in the call for works.


Homo Homini Lupus (2016)

His works have been performed at festivals such as the  Venice Vending Machine, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (2016.2017),  JIEN, SMASH Festival, Encontres Festival, ACA,  the Fundaçió Pilar i Joan Miró and,  Nomad Roots.