Public Music

Collaborative and interactive work for audience participation,  mobile ensemble, WIFI network, and algorithmic score generation system in real-time.

The main idea of the work is how we can reappropriate new technologies to implosion the usual roles that occur on stage (public, performers, creator).

This work attempts to dissolve the scenic identities of the event attendants.

The attendants will interact with a score creation system through an application installed on his/her own mobile. The information generated by the interaction of public-interpreter is sent via WIFI to the score generator. The score generation system will send to the public-interpret the musical notes to be sung. He/she can choose whether the received notes are sung by him/her or by the mobile device itself. The sounding result is the mix of the sounds made by the mobiles and/or the notes sung by the public-interpreter.

Who is the creator of the work?  the composer, the public, the  MacBook Pro, the algorithm?

The first staging was on June 3 in the cycle “feel, create, transform” on the local of the CNT-AIT.
Video of the first staging of Public Music.

Algorithmic score creation system in real-time and server of the event.

Installing the mobile application before the event.
public music
Main Max Window. You can see each one of the bots associated with an IP address of a mobile phone
This work is explained in the paper; Artificial Computational Creativity boased on collaborative Intelligence (2020)     lectured at the Artificial Intelligence Music Creativity 2021 Graz. This paper can be downloaded at: