Collaboration as an act of creativity

For violin, multiple cognitive agents, live electronics, and public participation.

This work forms part of a research project about using collaborative intelligence to create works in which the simulated model (a cooperative) has nothing to do with the sound of the result[1].

This work is created in real-time. The score is created through multiple cognitive agents controlled by the public assistant. The violinist receives the real-time notes composed by this process on his/her mobile phone.

Each individual in the public controls a cognitive agent via a mobile device (a tablet or mobile phone). “Collaboration as an act of creativity” is collectively created in real-time during the performance.  

The members of the attending public will use a mobile device to connect to a web server that will automatically assign a cognitive agent to him/her. The attendants will control their agent by selecting whether the agent is on or off and whether the cognitive agent is working in a cooperative or competitive mode. Each agent controls one voice of the composition. The violin will play one of the voices.

If the agent is working in the competitive mode it will try to make the most interesting and differentiated music of the group [2]. If the agent is in the collaborative mode, it will try to imitate the music that the rest of the agents are producing. The violin player receives messages about the notes to be played via a special application on his/her mobile phone. The notes that the violin will play are created by a cognitive agent that is always in collaborative mode.

The result is a mix of the violin sound, the real-time violin modification, and the synthesis of the sounds of the rest of the score.

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